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AHS Designation- Accredited Home Staging Specialist
Staging is hot and this is one of the new, very comprehensive, yet at the same time most affordable staging designation courses available. The best is that the course is available 24 x 7 and can be complete over a weekend. For more information visit

ALHS Designation - Accredited Luxury Homes Specialist
This intensive, two day course, explores national luxury housing trends, specialized luxury buyer and seller needs, development and delivery of unique high level services, representation issues, liability and risk management, builder services, personal marketing, and much more. For more information visit 

CSP Designation Certified Short-Sale Professional
A comprehensive training course for real estate agents that teaches them a proven step-by step system to be more successful working short sale transactions. This course shows you how to generate more short sale leads, filter out the ones lenders won't approve, and how to manage a short sale so it closes as quickly as possible.

CNS Designation - Certified Neighborhood Specialist
Professional real estate agents must learn to sell the neighborhood, not just a house. With that in mind each agent must become a neighborhood expert. Nothing helps agents gain that knowledge faster than the CNS course offering agents a step-by-step process for generating significantly more neighborhood awareness and name recognition.  Dominate your neighborhood, learn how at

GHS Designation– Generational Housing Specialist
It is no longer good enough to understand or focus on only one generation. In today’s complex and evolving market agents must know about Gen X, Gen Y, Baby Boomers, Seniors, the Silent Generation and so on. This is the first course to focus on them all. Get up to speed at 

Overall Real Estate Training
Collectively, the RealtyU network has 400 qualified and licensed real estate instructors that offer more than 5,000 different real estate training courses and programs every year. Together with the various online educational offerings enable them in 2006 to serve more than 300,000 real estate agents with their educational needs. 

Real Estate Schools
RealtyU also manages the largest real estate network of real estate schools and colleges in the nation, serving 42 states with over 200 campuses across North America. To find the school nearest you visit search their website.

Business Plans for Brokers and Agents
You can’t get somewhere if you don’t know where you are going. CreateAPlan is the easiest business planning solution for real estate brokers and agents who are serious about their real estate career. The online business planning software provides complete monitoring of all key business indicators, including marketing events, listings, sales, expenses, etc. including weekly monitoring and reports.

Real Estate Trends
There is no other annual report that provides as detailed, accurate and objective summary of the residential real estate brokerage industry as the Swanepoel TRENDS Report. Every year it announces the Top 10 real estate trends that are expected to impact the industry during the coming year and provides interpretations, examples and take-aways for each trend.

Real Estate White papers
Once every 18 months RealSure has published an in-depth white paper about an important facet of the industry. This suite of comprehensive real estate white papers analyze industry critical concerns and challenges brokers and agents face on a day to day basis.

Real Estate Books
An online real estate bookstore that focuses on providing books and resources for real estate professionals. The majority of the books, reports, tapes and DVD offered cover subject matters such as: How to deal with Home buyers and sellers, different marketing strategies, sales strategies and client retention, business management and so on.  

Real Estate Speakers Bureau
This speakers bureau has more than 80 of the industry’s most sought-after speakers under contract – so whether you are looking for a keynote, motivational speaker, panelists or workshop session speakers, look no further than

Real Estate Keynote Speaker
One of the best real estate speakers on real estate trends is best-selling author Stefan Swanepoel. Book him for your next convention or to read his articles or view video clips.

Real Estate Blogging
For a truly amazing and eclectic array of real estate snippets and posts straight from the “horses-mouths” visit – home to over 40 of the industry’s authors, speakers, visionaries and business leaders blogging together on one real estate blog site.

Real Estate Wiki
Real Estate Wiki is the largest, free encyclopedia in the real estate industry for home buyers and sellers and real estate professionals. It offers over 25,000 pages of definitions, acronyms, abbreviations, directories, FAQ’s and much, much more.

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